Lettuce Brand You

communicating your brand's promise and purpose at every touch point

Our Approach to Branding

 Every brand is the result of an internal culture. It starts with the core values, which we wrap our creative minds around. Our focus is to thoroughly communicate the inspiration behind the brands that we craft identities for. We compose brand messages that will connect your target audience's emotions. We want to make sure they are aware of and understand your company's promise and purpose. When your promise and purpose is communicated at every touch point, it is inspiring to your audience. The approach we take to successfully manage your brand is fueled by this knowledge. The perception of your company, its products and services will dictate your level of success. The reason we want you to Lettuce Brand You is simple. Our goal is to make sure that your company is perceived in a positive manner. A manner that will allow you to build loyal relationships with your target audiences. Our team includes talented brand specialists, graphic designers, copywriters and web developers who thrive off of your brand's success. This provides a seamless offering for companies looking to integrate various branding strategies without having to contract multiple agencies. Our approach allows us to craft stellar identities and compose compelling messages that captivates the hearts of your audiences, far and wide. 

Brand Strategy

Market Research
Brand Planning
Brand Positioning
Brand Archetype
Target Audience

Brand Identity

Graphic design
Core Values
Brand Imagery
Brand Messaging


Public Relations
Special Events
Printing Services

A Brand's Goal

 What does your brand do better than the rest? We help you identify this differentiating value and build on it. A brand is what strengthens the foundation for your business's success. It solidifies your competitive advantage and enhances marketing strategies. It brings to life the internal vision of the personalities behind it. A brand must tell the story that otherwise will go unheard. A brand must convey the purpose of existence. A brand must engage and stay engaged. We are committed to crafting brand experiences that engages emotions, tells stories and defines purpose. We Educate, Innovate and Inspire brands across the globe. ~Lettuce Brand You

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