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Advertising Channels: Plan accordingly or you will miss your audience…

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 Here is a question for you? Would you advertise hot cocoa a desert? Umm… I think it is safe to say, probably not. Unless you convince yourself that it is a break through idea that is guaranteed to make you stand out. As oddly as this may sound…believe it or not, it happens. What is the “it” that we’re referring to? Hmm…we’re glad you asked.

 The “it” we are speaking of is a common practice by small business owners. Would you believe it if I told you I’ve seen a company advertise high cholesterol food products in a health & fitness magazine? You would have to see it for your own eyes. Day after day we witness small businesses dumping their hard earned money into advertisements that appear in places their target audience aren’t. We assume they’re thinking “well somebody is going to see it”. True enough but gas is absolutely no good to an electric car owner. You catch my drift?

 Have you ever heard us say “you can’t be everything to everybody”? A main reason this is true is simply because everybody does not have interest or a need for what you have to offer. Regardless of how great you think your product or service is…it’s crazy to think your audience is bigger than it really is. Needless to say every channel available for distributing your messages isn’t effective for reaching YOUR target audience.

 The advertising channels you utilize in order to reach your target audience are important. They not only influence purchase decisions. They also directly impact perception. Want to test this theory? When was the last time you saw an ad for football cleats in a basketball gym? Better yet go ask a tenant of a high rise do they need their lawn cut. One is going to lead to very few sales. The other is gonna lead to you being called an idiot. Either one of these results would be devastating to your business.

 You can avoid these pitfalls. Take the time to understand your target audience. Every one of your stakeholders has channels that are suitable for communicating with them. Your job is to find out which advertising channels are the most effective. If your ad agency suggest running a newspaper ad to reach a tech savvy audience ages 25-35…you’re in trouble. All it take is a bit of research and attention to details. You can run ad campaigns that perform extremely well, every time.